BONOTOX announced its entry into the Chinese market

Cosmeceutical company Bonotox, which launched the world’s first cream with “second skin” technology, has announced its entry into the Chinese market. BONOTOX plans to open a new direction of cosmeceuticals in China

The Chinese skin care market accounts for 51.62% of all chemical products. This is definitely getting the attention of cosmetics manufacturers, as it is twice as much as the world average. In addition, Chinese interest in skin care is growing steadily. In response to market demands, BONOTOX decided to introduce the world’s first Second Skin Cream in China

Consumers in the emerging Chinese market have a distinct perspective on branding and product appearance, with a focus on high-quality, high-tech new products and brands. To this end, BONOTOX has developed products that meet the requirements and trends of the market

BONOTOX is the first company in the world to develop and implement artificial membrane technology. The use of BONOTOX Artificial Veil Cream (artificial veil technology) dissolves a high concentration of peptides in the skin, this promotes skin regeneration and helps slow down aging. Cream mask helps maintain better skin condition thanks to patented technology

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