Second Skin Cream leads the Japanese market with unprecedented popularity

The interest in the BONOTOX brand and the popularity of this cosmeceutical brand continues to grow rapidly in the Japanese market. The world’s first Second Skin Cream based on artificial membrane technology was broadcast on December 14 on QVC Japan and was sold out in just a few minutes, which once again confirmed the unprecedented popularity of BONOTOX.

Second Skin Cream is an unparalleled cosmeceutical product that combines “artificial membrane technology” with beauty care. It was launched in the Land of the Rising Sun market in April 2019 and has gained a leading sales position on the popular home shopping TV channel QVC Japan. BONOTOX actively continues to expand its product line by launching new innovative products on the market. On December 16th, a new conceptual functional foundation for the Streamer Capsule Serum Tint Foundation was released. BONOTOX management notes that consumer interest and love, which continues to grow, is driving the development of a diverse range of new and innovative cosmetic products.

BONOTOX has created a new field of cosmeceuticals using new technologies. Cosmetic companies in Japan are currently trying to enter the market with similar products. However, it is known that they are still not able to create a similar product, since all unique formulas and technologies are a patented and unique development of the BONOTOX company.

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